Simple Condiments

Hands on Earth prepares organic herbs for culinary condiments.
The condiments contain essential oils, which add aroma and flavour to food, and are often used to increase culinary appeal.


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oregaos biologicosOrganic Organ, 15g bottle
Organic Organ, 15g bottle Sale price€2,30
tomilho limao biologicoOrganic Lemon Thyme, 15g jar
tomilho bela luz biologicoBela Luz Organic Thyme, 15g bottle
alecrim biologicoOrganic Rosemary, 25g jar
Organic Rosemary, 25g jar Sale price€2,30
segurelha biologicaOrganic Segurelha, 15g bottle
salva biologicaOrganic Sage, 10g bottle
Organic Sage, 10g bottle Sale price€2,30
salsa biologicaOrganic Parsley, 15g jar
Organic Parsley, 15g jar Sale price€2,30
manjerona biologicaOrganic Marjoram, 15g jar
Organic Marjoram, 15g jar Sale price€2,30
ervas rusticas biologicasOrganic Rustic Herbs, 15g bottle