About Us

Hands on Earth is a family business, located in Minho - Vale do Rio Guizando, on the slope of São Pedro de Oliveira in Braga, facing south, in an area qualified as a National Agricultural Reserve (RAN) that contains a healthy, fertile and natural soil.

It is a project for outdoor cultivation and preparation of agricultural products, aimed at a public looking for quality and authenticity of products.

We are dedicated to the cultivation of organic aromatic herbs without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
We prepare organic aromatic herbs, for infusions, and culinary condiments, with or without salt or fleur de sel.
We dehydrate and prepare 100% natural fruit with hot air at low temperatures, without added sugar, dyes or preservatives, with natural lemon juice as the only component.
We make artisanal jams with selected seasonal fruit, with the particularity of being marketed in small batches to capture the true flavor of the fruit.
We also grow edible flowers and mix organic rice with field products.
Organic Agriculture Certification
Organic Logo
The control and certification of Hands on earth's organic products are carried out by an independent external entity - Naturalfa, which guarantees compliance with the regulations relating to organic production. Hands on Earth is currently certified as a preparation/commercialization unit in the area of ​​packaging and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants, fruits and culinary condiments.
Food Safety

The preparation processes for Hands on Earth products are subject to the standards of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system carried out by an independent external entity - Controlsafe. This way, the food safety of Hands on Earth products is guaranteed, as well as their safety and quality.
Workplace Safety

Safety at Work

Hands on Earth, through the training provided by Sepri Group, has implemented measures and practices to protect the health, safety, and well-being of workers in a work environment. The goal is to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, and other risks related to work. Workplace safety encompasses various areas and involves the implementation of policies, procedures, and practices aimed at creating a safe working environment.