Hands on Earth prepares fruit and vegetables by dehydrating them with the help of hot air at low temperatures, which removes all their water. This way of caring for fruit and vegetables does not include any type of coloring or preservatives, just the addition of natural lemon juice.
Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is a preservation method that offers several advantages, contributing to extending the shelf life and versatility of these foods.
Dehydrated fruit is excellent for adding to yogurts and cereals for breakfast, and a healthier alternative to processed snacks.
Dehydrated vegetables are good to include in sauces, soups, pizzas and salads.
The dehydrated mango and pineapple are Great Taste Award winners.


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Cogumelos shiitake biologico Desidratados sacoDehydrated Organic Shiitake Mushroom, 50g bag
Cogumelos shiitake biologico Desidratados caixaDehydrated Organic Shiitake Mushroom, 25g box
Banana desidratadaDehydrated Banana, 100g bag
Dehydrated Banana, 100g bag Sale price€2,50
pera desidratadaDehydrated Pear, 50g bag
Dehydrated Pear, 50g bag Sale price€2,60
maca desidratadaDehydrated Apple, 50g bag
Dehydrated Apple, 50g bag Sale price€2,50
Desidratado Abacaxi hands on earthDehydrated Pineapple, 50g bag
tomate desidratado em sacoDehydrated Tomato, 35g bag
Dehydrated Tomato, 35g bag Sale price€3,20
tomate desidratado em caixaDehydrated Tomato, 35g box
Dehydrated Tomato, 35g box Sale price€3,85
manga desidratadaDehydrated Mango, 50g bag
Dehydrated Mango, 50g bag Sale price€5,05