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Hands on Earth carefully crafts a gift set with a cohesive and attractive presentation, making them suitable for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or corporate events.


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pack Energia hands on earthpack energia hands on earth 2
Pack - Energy Sale price€35,50
pack mobilidade e dorPack - Mobility and Pain
Pack - Mobility and Pain Sale price€55,00
pack bem estar - Hands on EarthPack - Wellbeing
Pack - Wellbeing Sale price€60,00
pack imunidade hands on earthpack imunidade hands on earth 2
Pack - Immune Sale price€38,50
Pack detox hands on earthPack - Detox
Pack - Detox Sale price€35,50
pack relax da hands on earthpack relax da hands on earth
Pack - Relax Sale price€35,50
pack 4 condimentos biologicosGift Pack 4 - Simple Organic Condiments
gift pack 3 tisanas biologicasGift Pack 3 - Biological Herbal Teas
gift pack 2 tisanas biologicasGift Pack 2 - Biological Herbal Teas
gift pack 2 flor de sal
Gift Pack 2 - Flor de Sal Sale price€17,50
gift pack 1 tisanas biologicasGift Pack 1 - Biological Herbal Teas
gift pack 1 condimentos biologicosGift Pack 1 - Organic Condiments
pack orange com produtos hands on earth
Gift Pack - Orange Sale price€12,50